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Team of RGX experts are always availble to help you with any queries you might have.

RGX is a leader in domestic LTL (Less than Truckload) and TL (Truckload) services throughout GTA. We abide by the highest ethical standards of the Freight Brokerage industry providing the best and cost efficient Supply Chain Solutions. Have Questions? Call our office at 647-499-8174

Cross Docking

Cross dock is the cost effective way of shuffling the goods as per client’s needs. We help our clients pick the orders, unload and load them where the clients can save on the warehousing and storage expenses. We are passionate about our cross docking services and wecan help our clients pick the orders and help them ship to even multiple shippers. We are equipped to handle small LTL freight to even multiple full-trailer freight. We provide the service for consolidatingand deconsolidating the freight as well.

Advantages of Cross docking at our facility:
  • Conveniently located in heart of GTA area in 401 & Dixie area, close to all the 400 series highways.
  • RGX offers 2,30,000 Sq. Feet of space available for temporary storage if required.
  • RGX can consolidate / deconsolidate the multiple shipments in order to save costs for our
  • RGX can provide very reliable and efficient local transportation to make sure your product arrives for delivery on time.
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We offer our clients a large facility in the heart of GTA area close to 400 series highway which is easily accessible and can meet your storage needs for the high value products. We offer a high security facility which is monitored high definition cameras and the access is limited to our valuable clients only. Our clients can lease the space according to their needs with no restrictions on the time limits. The storage space is available for as small as 1 skid and can be for a small duration of 1 day as well providing the best economical and cost effective strategy for our clients. We have – working docks available for our clients which could be used for easy loading and offloading of the products. We also allow our customers to unload and load their valued products so that 100% satisfaction is achieved.

Advantages of Our Warehousing facility:
  • Conveniently located in heart of GTA area in 401 & Dixie area, close to all the 400 series highways
  • RGX offers 2,30,000 Sq. Feet of space available for short-term temporary storage or long term storage depending upon client’s needs
  • For retailers and ecommerce businesses, our Warehouse can act as a remote pick up or drop off location for the freight, helping everyone excel in their business.
  • Our Security Cameras monitor the freight 24X7.
  • No access to any Un-authorized person accept the freight owners.
  • Lowest rates in the market.
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Container Destuffing

  • Do you have a product coming in the container?
  • Do you worry about palletizing your products so that it can be shipped further with ease to reach your customers?
  • Do you worry about time and cost involved in de-stuffing and palletizing your product?
  • Do you worry about storing your product when it arrives in Canada?

RGX is a perfect answer to all your questions. We have a young, enthusiast, experienced and a great team to help you solve all the problems of your imports. We can provide you solutions for every kind of products be it boxes, bags, barrels, etc. Our Lumpers can help de-stuff the containers in the best efficient manner, taking well care of your product, time and of course your pockets, making sure it is ready for shipping as well as storage be it on our dock or yours.

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